German-Italian industry priorities for the future of the EU

The 8th edition of the German-Italian Business Forum, hosted by Assoimprenditori Alto Adige, aims to strengthen the collaboration and to stimulate a strategic debate between the leading entrepreneurs from the two countries, as well as representatives of German and Italian political and economic scene.

The cooperation between Confindustria and BDI has always been mindful of the economic and political developments taking place at EU level. Every year the topics addressed at the Business Forum reflect the main priorities on the European political agenda.

This year’s edition of the Business Forum will take place in a very peculiar political and economic moment for both Italy and Germany, and at the eve of a crucial year for Europe. In the spring of 2019 the election of the European Parliament will take place, setting in motion the process for the establishment of a new European Commission, which will be in office after the summer.

A number of important projects are currently on the table at EU level: negotiations on the EU budget post-2020 with important chapters such as cohesion, innovation, investments and digital; a new EU Strategy on long-term energy transition; the ongoing discussion on the EMU reform and on the completion of the banking union; how to shape the future EU-US trade and strategic relation. At the same time, a broader reflection on the future of Europe is taking place at EU and Member States’ level.

The objective of this year’s Business Forum is to take part and contribute to this crucial debate, outlining the main priorities for the German-Italian business communities.

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